so i wore my my marvel superheroes sweater to disneyland today and the old man who scanned my pass at the front gate saw it and was like ‘hey, marvel! that’s ours now!’ with this huge grin on his face and then his voice got really serious and he said ‘next: the world.

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When I was younger I always thought I’d want to wed an elf, but now I see the benefits of marrying a dwarf greatly outweigh those of the fairer.


okay guys this was the best scene in the entire movie listenimageimageimageimage

pitch you mother fucker

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On his interview with 95.7 KJR Radio in Seattle this morning, they brougth up the fact that Chris considers his head huge… they thought some other guy’s might be bigger, so they measured both to compare. As you can see from the second pic, Chris was actually stoked that he won (24” against 23”, I believe).

Next time they should compare penises. Just saying.

Jason Segel on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno | On meeting the president

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